Why Use Gym Wall Pads?

Why would a school or a sports facility need to use gym wall pads? These wall pads are used in many gymnasiums for the purpose of safety. Safety is a key issue when sports are in progress. The players are focusing on winning their game. Many times they lose track of the area surrounding them. Installing the gym wall pads will help to keep players from serious and possible life-threatening injuries.

All Court Covers Pictures 177At All Court Covers, we offer quality gym wall pads that we can customize for your facility or gymnasium. Our company is located in Long Beach, CA. We are a family owned and operated business, ran by the Louer family. We select only quality material for all of our products. Our craftsmanship is a top of the line technique to make our products durable for your sporting events.

Our wall pads are designed with quality and safety in mind. Not only do they provide the safety that your facility needs, but they also are designed to enhance the looks of the facility. We want you to be proud to display all of our products in your facility or gymnasium. We will provide installation and other services if you request.

You can also opt for multiple enhancements to your wall pads such as; Two inch thick pads (6 lbs), Class 1 fire-retardant plywood backing (3/8 inch), Polyurethane padding 1-1/2 inch thickness (3.5 or 6 lbs) or polyethylene foam padding (1-1/4 inch). We can add any enhancements or specialize any of our options to fit your needs. You may also choose your colors of tan, red, blue or green. We also recommend that when you are choosing you wall pads to select the covers for the poles, beams, columns, stages and doors to ensure complete safety for your players.

Our basic wall pads are constructed from single pieces, ensuring safety, protection and durability. Our wafer-backed pads are excellent from impact protection and are easy to install over any kind of wall, even if the surface is unfinished. They are equipped with one inch lips on the top as well as bottom to keep the pads in shape even after significant wear and tear. We believe that quality materials lead to quality results. That is why we choose only the best foam and vinyl materials to make wall pads. Our pad uses an imprinted pattern that is perfect to resemble leather.

Gym Wall Pads
Gym Wall Pads

Our main priority is to deliver the top quality products that will add value and safety to your gym or facility. We never compromise on the materials, design or finishing’s of our offerings. It is reliability and quality that makes us the best in the gym wall pads. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction. So come and check us out for your gym wall pads today. We can assure you that you will not be disappointed in the service you receive.



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