Safety Is Important

All Court Covers is a leader of quality in the gymnasium wall pads industry. We have been in business for over 27 years and are owned and operated by the Louer Family. We are located in Long Beach, California. Our company started out manufacturing industrial fabrics. In the late 1980s, we developed a diverse line of sports related products for tennis, baseball, golf, soccer, football and gymnasium products..

Gymnasium Wall Pads

In addition to our products, we provide manufacturing capabilities that are available to other companies. As a contract manufacturer, we assist large companies, small businesses and new businesses, by adding to or supplementing their production capabilities.

You can see our products in many different locations from professional and college stadiums to local parks and recreational areas. Our products are also widely used in many high school facilities.

We can customize any of our products to fit the size of your facility. If you have an odd sized gymnasium or odd shaped walls, which is okay. We can customize our gymnasium wall pads to fit. Our wall pads are made to last. As far as quality, no one can beat us. We will only use quality materials to manufacture the pads. We also use a strict code when manufacturing our items because quality is very important to us.

We have provided our wall pads to gymnasiums and facility all across the country. We have customized them to meet each specific requirement. We also have many professional logos and advertisements that we have printed on them at the request of the facility. Our custom logos are of high quality and are printed as such. They are designed not to fade in the sunlight or tear from the wind. They are designed to stand out with sharpness. The advertising or logo will last a long time.

Our quality wall pads are made with top quality vinyl and foam. They are completely safe and secure, allowing fewer accidents and injuries. They have an enhanced visual impact with their unique leather-like pattern for style. They enhance the professional gym appearance and are made with stringent quality control measures, to ensure top notch quality. We can customize and make them any color, size or shape that you need for your facility or gymnasium.

You can also enhance your wall pads by adding any of the following options that we offer. You have the option of two inch thick pads or class-1 fire-retardant plywood backing that measures 3/8 inch. You could also add polyurethane padding that is 1-1/2 inch thick or polyethylene foam padding that is 1-1/4 inches thick.


Our wall pads are single pieces, ensuring safety, protection and durability. Our wafer-backed pads are excellent for impact protection. They are easy to install over any kind of wall. We can even install them if the surface is unfinished. Our pads have lips on the top and bottom. These lips will help to keep the pads in shape even after significant wear and tear. We have strived to be number 1 in the field because our quality is so important to us. Call us today and we will give you a free quote on your new quality, gymnasium wall pads.

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