Custom Gymnasium Floor Covers

Gym Floor Covers

All Court Covers makes custom products designed to your individual specifications

Do you desire an athletic facility floor covering that’s really just one piece? Do you want a gymnasium floor covering to have cut outs in difficult places? ACC started manufacturing industrial materials to our customers’ individual requirements.

Nowadays gymnasium floors don’t seem to be simply surfaces for sporting events. Gymnasiums are currently venues for graduations, dances, concerts, weddings and different special events. As such, they’re subjected to significant traffic and scuffs. In addition, you can get marks from pieces of furniture and even street shoes. To guard an expensive gymnasium floor you should invest in gym floor coverings.

Gym floor covers are available in a range of colors and weights. They are fabricated in 10′ roll widths to the length of your gym. We custom fabricate them and ship in pre-cut 10′ sections. Because of the heavy weight of the gym floor covers , a mobile rack is often used to wind, unwind and store the rolls when not in use. All covers are waterproof, slip resistant and flame retardant.

A gymnasium floor is a massive investment. Refinishing the gym every year adds to the expenses, which is why it’s smart to guard your gym floor area with the best quality gymnasium floor coverings. With such a large amount of choices in color, weight and size, the right protection for any gymnasium floor is instantly obtainable and fully customizable.

All Court Covers-  Gymnasium Floor Cover Specifications

All Court Covers Gymnasium Floor Covering Colors

Tan Brown & Tan Royal Blue Tan & Blue (Royal) Gray (Light)
Red Green Burgundy Tan & Burgundy Kelly Green
Blue (Navy) Gray (Dark) Black Orange Yellow
Available Stock Colors 32 oz. 27 oz. 22 oz. 18 oz. 10 oz.*
Tan X X X X
Brown & Tan X X X
Tan & Blue (Royal) X X X
Tan & Burgundy X X
Blue (Royal) X X X X
Blue (Navy) X X X X
Burgundy X X X X
Black X X X X
Green (Maple) X X X X
Red X X X X
Gray (Light) X X X
Gray (Dark) X X
Yellow X X
Orange X
Kelly Green X  Gym Floor Cover Accessories  Gym Floor Protection made easy.