Custom Gymnasium Divider Curtains

All Court Covers Makes Custom Products Designed To Your Specifications

Divider Curtains: Great Solution for Space Problems

Gym dividers provide the most comprehensive solution for all your space problems. They allow several activities to take place concurrently, without interfering with each other. Divider curtains are typically manufactured with vinyl coated mesh at the top part of the curtain and American made vinyl at the bottom portion. At ACC, you’ll find the best quality curtains of the roll-up, fold-up, and also the walk-draw type.

We take special care to design each divider curtain for easy operation. All you need to do is simply hang the curtain from an overhead wire or track. Then you can choose between pulling the curtain up into place for use or walking it back to the storage area after its use is over.

Gymnasium dividers can also be customized and used for creating physical separations in the workplace area. They form an excellent division solution because they can be used to achieve multiple functions and are extremely cost effective. You can separate the production area, produce smaller work areas, set aside an area for separate machinery – just about any space or floor division need you have at your facility.

The advantages don’t end here. Divider curtains tend to accumulate less dust. They are also easier on your heating and cooling costs. Divider curtains are sold in three material varieties – clear, solid, and mesh. At ACC, you will also find a mix of all three materials which meet the national fire safety standards.

Our Court Covers fit tracks to the exact shape and size of the sports area. You can have it boxed in a court by including four gym divider curtains or have the track radius-ed to envelope the entire area.

 Quality design

 All the ACC gymnasium divider curtains incorporate vertical seams and welded hardware. The total hanging weight sums up to be around half a pound per square feet. The track supports are less than 8′ at  the center and the storage space required is only 1-1/8 inch per foot of the divider curtain.

Chief features include:

–        Easy to install: The divider curtains can be installed with simple manual operation. A boxed in galvanized steel track of 7/16 inch width is available with carriers spaced underneath conveniently. They are 12 inches apart and carry polymer wheels of 1 inch diameter.

 –        Solid ballast: The curtains have welded seams and a bottom edge pocket that provides a 4/0 coil proof chain for sturdy ballast. The higher mesh section of the curtain weighs nine oz. And is vinyl coated. The lower section is similar, but weighs twice as much for better balance. A combination of mesh and solid bottom ensures that air flow (from the meshed top) and proper vision control (due to the solid bottom) are not compromised.

 –        Customizable: At ACC, your space separation needs drive the design of divider curtains. The type, material, size and form etc. are decided by you. For further ease, we also provide free installation of curtains and tracks.


 Electronic fold-up gym divider curtains:

 Fold up gymnasium curtains are made of 20 ounce thick vinyl. A remote control system is used as drive system. Steel pulleys and same size pipes are used at the bottom of the curtain. The remote control system can also be used to raise multiple divider curtains at the same time.

In addition to easy operation mechanisms, our gym divider curtains incorporate several safety features. The constituent material is high quality reinforced vinyl with a high flame resistant index. To prevent mishaps we provide you complete control of motorized divider curtains. By simply turning the key away from its current position, you can stop the curtain from deploying any time.

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Walk/draw gym divider curtains:

 Our walk/draw gym divider curtains provide the same ease of installation and use as your regular shower curtain. Once you have our vinyl curtain at hand, simply suspend it from an overhead track. For creating a divide all you need to do is pull the curtain into place as you walk by – just as you would a shower curtain. You can also pull the curtain into its compact cargo hold.

ACC ensures further ease by providing ball bearing wheels that guarantee a sleek moving action, while still being in tune with your pace. We style the tracks to accommodate the form and size of your facility. You can choose between enclosing a court using four curtains or radium the track to encircle the court.

The hanging weight of the curtain is around half a pound per square foot and storage compressed amount varies from 1 to 1/8 inch per foot. Track supports don’t exceed 8′ on the center. For strength reinforcement all curtains include welded hardware and have vertical welds. ACC provides you the option of choosing between a solid vinyl, a mesh vinyl or a mixture of the two (for enhanced aesthetics) and several other customization options.

 The importance of recreational space has been increasing in the recent years. Turning your limited gym space into a recreational section can be a tricky proposition. With quality gym dividers from All Court Covers, you can make the best use of the floor space and make quick and easy partitions to facilitate different activities.

Secure protection between play areas

  • Motorized divider curtains
  • Easy remote control options
  • 100% fireproof / flame resistant
  • High quality reinforced vinyl
  • Customized colors and sizes

We provide excellent protective netting solutions by installing superior and durable gym dividers for schools, public gymnasiums, private clubs, and recreation centers. ACC gym dividers can be installed and removed just as easily and can be a great way to aid multiple activities.



Gymnasium Divider Curtains

ACC gymnasium divider curtains are available in two options:

Our standard product is a floor to ceiling divider curtain made from quality vinyl. To provide unrestricted ventilation, we also offer curtains with a vinyl-coated polyester mesh in designs like roll ups, top rolls, fold ups, and walk draws in many different colors.

Our specialty gym divider curtains are ideal for sloped roofs and are available in ridge-fold dividers and radius fold dividers. These specialty curtains are best suited to separate fields of play from tracks for running.

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Protective Nets

Our protective nets are made from top quality vinyl and mesh, providing your gym with a stylish appearance and increasing protection for spectators. Here are some reasons to choose ACC:


  • Windows protected from pucks, basketballs, and volleyballs
  • Increase in spectator attendance
  • Increased spectator protection
  • Enhanced visual appeal
  •  Light durable mesh/vinyl material
  • Adequate translucence for light

For more information on our protective netting solutions for your space, contact All Court Covers today! Call us at 1-800-661-5649 and we will provide customized solutions as well as affordable price estimates for your special gym.