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Gym Floor Covers

Gym Floor Covers – Protect Your Investment

Safe & hardy athletic facility Gym Floor Cover Protection

Gym Floor Covers are essential. Do you want to increase the lifetime of your athletic  floor? Putting in a replacement athletic gymnasium floor will cost $100,000 or more. Therefore it is smart to make yours last. All Court Covers provides an in depth variety of athletic gym floor covers and tarps. Shield your floor throughout non-sport activities.

Multi Purpose

Most gymnasiums have become multi-purpose. Gym floors are subject to duress from high traffic activities like graduations, dances, and different events. Gymnasium facility floor covers and tarps from ACC are quite sturdy and long lasting. Protect your athletic gym floor for years to come. Gymnasium floor covers from All Court Covers are an economical answer to non sports damage. Damage that ends up in overpriced repairs and replacement.

Gymnasium Floor Covers-Gym Floor Covers
Gym Floor Cover In Use


Gymnasium floor covers run in weights of 18 ounces through thirty two ounces. Gym floor covers are factory-made into 10’ wide sections for simple handling. The common size is 10’ wide x the length of the gymnasium. This dimension permits the individual pieces to fit on a mobile rack system to store the covers.

Several different factors go into your ideal floor covering weight.  You need to consider budget, how many times each year will the floor cover be used, and what type of events are held in the gymnasium.

Gymnasium Floor Covers-Gym Floor Covers
gym floor covers

A heavier tarp has higher resistance to wear.  All Court Covers has been producing floor covers for over twenty five years. We’ve got full time on website sales representatives happy to help you with all of your floor covering needs.

ACC is committed to continually providing the very best quality materials on the market. Our objective is to supply unequaled client service, superior quality floors and on time delivery, all at Inexpensive costs. Our staff is on call throughout the year Mon through Friday 7:00 AM-5 PM Pacific local time.

Support Staff

All Court Covers uses quality materials and we have a well trained support staff. These two things means better gymnasium floor covers. Gym floor coverings provide protection from scuffs and scratches caused by tables, chairs, and street shoes, which means you’ll have to refinish your gym floor less often. We offer the best gym floor cover quality and durability available. All gym floor covers feature a manufacturer’s warranty.

Add your custom logo to your floor cover or rack cover to enhance your brand. We offer superior gym floor protection in your choice of 15 colors which can match your logo. We usually fabricate in widths of ten feet, adding overlaps to keep out liquids.

View our gym floor cover video for an in-depth look at what we do.

Gymnasium Floor Covers-Gym Floor Covers
Devils Floor Cover Logo

All of our gym floor coverings feature:

• Very-durable 3-ply fabrics. Reinforced polyester mesh coated with PVC on both sides.
• Gym floor cover will lay flat and smooth. Use either side.  Welds are as strong as the body itself.
• Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. Rot and mildew resistant.
• Conforms to underwriters UL-214 and U.S. Military description. MIL-C-20696 needs.
• Warranty against product defects.

Mobile Storage Racks

ACC has storage racks and accessories for gym floor covers as well.

Gymnasium Floor Covers-Gym Floor Covers
Gym Floor Cover Rack

All Court Covers-  Gym Floor Covering Specs

All Court Covers Gym Floor Cover Colors

Gymnasium Floor Covers-Gym Floor Covers


ACC makes many different products. ACC supports everything that we sell. These accessories will help you get the most out of your gymnasium floor cover. Store them correctly, as that will help you extend your return on your investment.

Available Stock Colors 32 oz. 27 oz. 22 oz. 18 oz. 10 oz.*
Tan X X X X
Brown & Tan X X X
Tan & Blue (Royal) X X X
Tan & Burgundy X X
Blue (Royal) X X X X
Blue (Navy) X X X X
Burgundy X X X X
Black X X X X
Green (Maple) X X X X
Red X X X X
Gray (Light) X X X
Gray (Dark) X X
Yellow X X
Orange X
Kelly Green X  Gym Floor Cover Accessories  Gym Floor Protection made easy.

Weights and Colors

18 oz. per sq. yd. – Priced to satisfy any budget. This gym floor covering can supply years of protection at a reasonable price. Nice for facilities with moderate activity. Eight year warranty. Available in yellow, white, navy blue, burgundy, black, tan, royal blue, forest green, red and gray.

22 oz. per sq. yd. – A true asset for gymnasium floor protection. Exceeds most alternative brands in quality and sturdiness. Nice for facilities probing for lower pricing without compromised quality standards. Ten year warranty. Colors are Tan, royal blue, navy blue, forest green, red, burgundy, gray, black, and a couple of variations such as tan/brown and tan/royal, with entirely different colors on both sides of the cover.

27 oz. per sq. yd. – This gym floor covering is the best on the market. Provides the very best level of protection and sturdiness. Fifteen year warranty. Colors are Tan, royal blue, forest green, dark gray, red, burgundy, navy blue, black, and color combinations like tan/brown, tan/royal, and tan/burgundy with unique colors on both sides.

32 oz. per sq. yd. – The “Big Daddy” of all gym floor cover. Seventeen year warranty.
Flame Resistance (Self Extinguishing) Fed Std 191 methodology #5903

Gymnasium Floor Covers-Gym Floor Covers
Tables and Chairs on Cover

ACC-Gym Floor Covers Fabric Specifications and Colors

  • Durable product substrates + protective coatings means maximized wear time

  • Material weights 10 oz, 18 oz, 22 oz, 27 oz, and 32 oz.
  • Product warranty for 3, 8, 10, 15 or 17 yrs.
  • Tear Strength
  • Tensile Strength
  • Adhesion
  • 35 lbs.
  • Flame Resistance (Self-extinguishing Fed Std 191 methodology #5903)
  • (Warp x Filling) ASTM D2261 210 x 210 125 x 90 110 x 75 90 x 65 seventy six x 76or
  • (Warp x Filling) ASTM D5034 375 x 360 315 x 300 295 x 285 280 x 270 495 x 340

Add Life To Your Floor

ACC  gymnasium Floor Covers are created for
standard size gymnasium floors, and non-standard gym floors. Our multiple choices of covers, makes it easy to pick the right gym floor cover for your facility. Multiple sections enable
versatility of activities.
Designed to protect floors from tables, chairs , and other
heavy traffic connected activities. Gymnasium floor coverings add life to the

Custom Gymnasium Floor Covers

All Court Covers makes custom products designed to your individual specifications

Do you desire an athletic facility floor covering that’s really just one piece? Do you want a gymnasium floor covering to have cut outs in difficult places? ACC started manufacturing industrial materials to our customers’ individual requirements.

Multi Use

Nowadays gymnasium floors don’t seem to be simply surfaces for sporting events. Gymnasiums are currently venues for graduations, dances, concerts, weddings and different special events. As such, they’re subjected to significant traffic and scuffs. In addition, you can get marks from pieces of furniture and even street shoes. To guard an expensive gymnasium floor you should invest in gym floor coverings.

Floor covers are available in a range of colors and weights. They are fabricated in 10′ roll widths to the length of your gym. We custom fabricate them and ship in pre-cut 10′ sections. Because of the heavy weight of the gym floor covers , a mobile rack is often used to wind, unwind and store the rolls when not in use. All covers are waterproof, slip resistant and flame retardant.

Large Investment

A gymnasium floor is a massive investment. Refinishing the gym every year adds to the expenses, which is why it’s smart to guard your gym floor area with the best quality gymnasium floor coverings. With such a large amount of choices in color, weight and size, the right protection for any gymnasium floor is instantly obtainable and fully customizable.

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