Gym Floor Coverings


A gym floor has the capacity to serve multiple roles as long as it remains protected. Apart from sporting events and practice sessions, gym floors are also commonly used to conduct a number of other non-sporting related events such as social gatherings or award ceremonies. Gym floors provide ample space to host any kind of event that involves a large audience.

In many instances, a gym may be rented out to an external organization or party, without requiring the consent of school authorities. For example, fund raisers are often organized by trusts and companies that view gym floors as a cost-effective premises. Political rallies also commonly take place using a gym floors as their locations.

Gymnasium Floor overing
Gym Floor Cover

The multiple roles that a gym floor offers increases the need for frequent and effective maintenance. Gym floors need to be protected from the large groups of people constantly trudging across their surfaces. In case events that involve dancing also take place, gym floors are likely to incur structural damage.


Advantages of Gym Floor Covers


Gym floor coverings offer a number of benefits:


1. Gym floor covers can provide adequate protection for the gym floor wood from liquid spills.

2. A gym floor covering will also ensure that unintentional fires are not started from poorly cigarette butts or matches that are poorly disposed off.

3. Floor coverings make sure that the gym floor does not incur scratches and denting resulting from friction from gravel, sand, or footwear.

4. Floor coverings prevent dust from gathering on gym floors.

5. Coverings also ensure that gym floors are protected from mildew and bacteria collection.

Despite what you think, gym floor coverings can also provide the perfect aesthetic for a particular occasion or event. Established manufacturers will have a number of gym floor covering designs and covers for you to choose from.

Installing a Gym Floor Cover


Gym floors covers are meant to cover large spaces so it is always advisable to purchase them in small pieces rather than one single piece.  Large single pieces can be extremely heavy and difficult to maneuver from place to place. Large single-piece coverings will also force you to have increased manpower to lay it over your gym floor.

When placing the gym floor cover on a surface, it is important to ensure that each small piece is laid out so that they overlap each other.. Leaving overlaps untaped could lead to them becoming tripping hazards during the event. When the pieces are laid out together appropriately, it is recommended that you use gym tape of the highest quality to keep them in place. This is to ensure that adhesive stains and traces do not remain when the covering is eventually removed.

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