Gym Divider Curtain
Gym Divider Curtain

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ACC gymnasium divider Curtains are a great solution to your space problem.  Gym divider curtains allow several activities to go on at the same time. They do not interfere with each other. Divider curtains are manufactured using American-made vinyl on the bottom portion of the curtain. 14 ounce vinyl coated mesh is used on the top portion. ACC curtains are available in walk-draw, fold-up, and roll-up.

All curtains are designed for easy operation: simply hang the walk-draw gym divider curtain from an overhead track or a wire. Then either pull the curtain into place for use. So then walk it back to the storage area when finished. Custom gymnasium divider curtains are an excellent resolution to dividing your work areas.

Separate Areas

If you would like to separate production areas, produce smaller work areas, or separate machinery, a divider curtain is a superb low cost option.  ACC Gymnasium Divider Curtains will gather less dust and save on heating and cooling costs.

ACC divider curtains are sold in clear, solid and mesh materials or a mix of all 3. All materials meet national fire safety standards. All Court Covers fits tracks to the shape and size of the sports area. Customize the size and appearance of your divider curtains. Select from a solid vinyl, a mesh vinyl or a combination of both, to enhance the facility.

Gym Divider Curtain
Gymnasium Divider Curtain

Quality Design

Total hanging weight is about 1/2 pound per sq. ft. Storing space is 1-1/8″ per foot of divider. Track supports don’t go beyond 8′ on center. Each gym divider curtain is made with vertical seams and welded hardware. This convenient track-style divider curtain offers a cost-effective answer to your space dividing desires.

The curtains may be flat against a wall, or in corner of your gymnasium.  Our gym divider curtains have eighteen oz. vinyl lower section, and 14 oz. vinyl coated mesh higher section.

Welded Seams

All our gym divider curtains have welded seams. We also provide our curtains with a bottom edge pocket for a 4/0 coil proof chain for ballast. Gymnasium divider curtains are a combination of mesh on top (for air flow) and a solid bottom for vision control.

Walk-draw curtains, or fold up dividers, or roll up gym divider curtains are all options for your facility. Your specific needs will derive the design of the curtain system.

gymnasium divider curtains
Combination Gym Divider Curtain

Fold-up gym curtains are made of 20-ounce thick vinyl. The drive system is a remote control system. It has a 2″ sch 40 pipe on the main drive. We use steel pulleys and also the same size pipe is used on the bottom of curtain. A remote control is used to raise several gym divider curtains.

Safety Features

Each gym divider has many safety features built into it. You can easily stop a motorized curtain from deploying at any time. Simply turn the key in the opposite direction the divider is traveling and it will momentarily delay the motor.

The curtain will then reverse and begin to move in the opposite direction. All of our gym dividers are fire retardant. They are manufactured from flame resistant high-quality reinforced vinyl. Looking for low prices on gym curtains? All Court Covers has cost effective answers to your sectioning  issues. Walk/Draw Manual Gym Divider Curtain


gymnasium divider curtains                                                                                      The Walk-Draw gymnasium Divider is really very simple: suspend the vinyl curtain from an overhead track. When you walk, simply pull the curtain into place, or pull it into its compact cargo hold. It is trhe same concept as a shower curtain. The curtain invariably moves only at the operator’s pace. Because of the ball bearing wheels, it guarantees a sleek moving action.

ACC styles the tracks to accommodate the form and size of the sports arena: enclose a court with four curtains or radius the track to encircle the playing surface. Customize the the appearance of your gym divider curtains. Select a solid vinyl, a mesh vinyl or a mix of each, to enhance the aesthetic.

Gym Divider Curtains
Gym Curtains

Walk/Draw Curtains

A Walk-Draw gymnasium divider curtain is simple to use and straightforward to store. Pull the curtain to the perimeter wall or onto a storage track on the perimeter wall.

In the stacked position, the Walk-Draw needs solely a 6″ clearance on either facet of the track’s center line. The hanging weight of the curtain is, about 1/2 pound per square foot. The storage compressed amount is 1-1/8 inch per foot of divider. Track supports don’t exceed 8′ on center. All Curtains have vertical welds, and all-welded hardware.

Multi-task with Gym Divider Curtains


Ever felt that the gymnasium space is grossly under-utilized? A simple solution in the form of gym divider curtains is at hand. Divider curtains allow the use of space to the fullest. They allow more than one activity can be conducted without the perils of interfering with each other.


gym divider curtains
Walk/Draw Gym Divider

Let the games begin


Gym divider curtains are made of vinyl. The top portion is comprised of a vinyl mesh. The bottom is usually made up of heavy American-made vinyl. Mesh options too are available on the bottom. The mesh is meant to provide easy visibility. The curtain/divider does not tear easily on impact.

Dividers permit the full use of the gym space. They also prevent spectators from getting hurt. The best part is that they do not come in a standard size. They can be customized based on the dimensions of the space it is being used in. This is absolutely the best solution to space related problems often faced by gyms. It is cost effective as well.

Cost Effective

The product is cost effective because of low installation and initial costs. Divider curtains do not gather dust and incidentally save on cooling and heating bills. The material used is fire retardant in addition to being rot and UV resistant. The advantage of installing a mesh curtain is free air flow.  Solid vinyl dividers provide full privacy.


The curtains help section off and designate specific areas across a larger area (i.e. the gym). Each sports activity designated for a certain area can be conducted freely without interruptions. A wide array of color options are available to match the color scheme of the gym. We have a variety of styles which we shall be discussing further on. Customization options allow the dividers to blend in and add to the appeal and look of the gymnasium.

gym divider curtains
Combination Curtain Gym Divider

Types of gymnasium divider curtains


The different type of gym divider curtains available today, help customize the division of the gym space further. Let’s start with roll-up gym divider curtains which are suspended from the ceiling from a steel structure which supports the curtain. The curtain rolls up and unroll when required at the flip of a key. The key helps manage the curtain and since it is motorized it is easy to operate.

Storage in this type of divider is more compact and it looks elegant and is best suited for low ceiling gyms. The concept is unique and requires no paraphernalia such as cables and straps. The electrical component is usually hidden so the curtain rolling up and down quietly is only visible and an added advantage is that it makes no noise, the whole mechanism is silent.

Walk/Draw Gymnasium Divider Curtains

Next up are walk-draw type of gym divider curtains. This is a much simpler version of the divider wherein the curtain is suspended from a track on the ceiling. This does require some amount of hard work. In comparison to the roll up, the curtain is pulled across the track while walking the full length of the track/gym. Someone has to physically pull it back or forward. It is more economical and functional in a smaller space. However, storage may take up some space as it is folded and stored by stacking or laying it flat against a wall.


gym divider curtains
Mostly Mesh Combination Curtain

The next variety is the fold up type of divider curtains for gyms. This is similar to the roll up variety as far as operation is concerned, the key is turned but instead of rolling up or down, the curtain folds up and unfolds like an accordion. Cables run through the length of the curtain and this is one of the most economical ways of dividing the gym space.

Virtually, maintenance free, the fold up type of divider is probably the most dependable. However, some space is required between fixed objects within the gym and the vertical edges of the curtain with some space for walking around the divider.

Peak Fold Curtains

There is also the peak fold type of gym divider which is designed to precisely fold to the contours of the ceiling. Certain ceilings may not permit the installation of simple fold up or roll up type of dividers because of their shape e.g. a sloped ceiling. This is where the peak fold divider comes in handy. This encloses the area completely.


Depending on your requirement and budget, you are sure to find a divider curtain that suits your needs. Effective division of the gym ensures full utilization of the available space. And this allows you to conduct various activities within the same space without running into or interfering with each other.



Gymnasium Divider Curtains

ACC gymnasium divider curtains are available in two options:

Our standard product is a floor to ceiling divider curtain made from quality vinyl.  In order to provide unrestricted ventilation, we also offer curtains with a vinyl-coated polyester mesh in designs like roll ups, top rolls, fold ups, and walk draws in many different colors.

Our specialty gym divider curtains are ideal for sloped roofs and are available in ridge-fold dividers and radius fold dividers. So these specialty curtains are best suited to separate fields of play from tracks for running.

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