Choosing Quality in Gym Wall Padding

When purchasing gym wall padding, one of the most important things to consider is the quality. The best way to find quality products is to find a quality company that makes them. Our company that makes such quality sports facility equipment that they are known as the best in the wall pads industry

Gym Wall Pad

Our main priority is to deliver quality products that are top of the line and add value and safety to your gym. That is why we will never compromise on the materials, design or finishing of our offerings. Our wall pads are made from top quality vinyl and foam. They provide complete safety and security for players by protecting them so that there are fewer accidents and injuries.

The wall pads enhance the visual impact of the gymnasium or facility. We use leather with a pattern for style that adds a professional gym appearance. When we made this product we use stringent quality control measures to make sure that the pads are made with a durable and lasting technique. We can also customize them to various sizes, shapes and colors to suit the needs of your gymnasium or facility.

Our wall pads are constructed from single pieces. We have designed the pads to ensure safety, protection and durability. Our pads are excellent from impact protection. They are easy to install over any kind of wall, even if the surface is unfinished. Our gym wall padding is equipped with one inch lips on the top and bottom, to keep the pads in shape even after significant wear and tear. We believe that quality material leads to quality results. We have chosen only the top quality foam and vinyl materials to make wall pads. We use an imprinted pattern that resembles leather to enhance our design and offer a variety of different color options to create the perfect interior for your gym.

Our company is called All Court Covers and is located in Long Beach, California. We have been in business for 27 plus years in the athletic, sport product industry. Our company is a family owned business. We started manufacturing industrial fabrics. In the late 1980’s, we developed a diverse line of sports related products for baseball, football, tennis, golf, soccer and of course our gymnasium products.

In addition to the products that we make for ourselves, we provide manufacturing capabilities that are available to other companies. We are there to assist new business, small businesses and large companies by adding to or supplementing their product capabilities.

You will see many of our products in a variety of places such as professional and college stadiums. We also have products in various high school facilities, parks and recreational areas. We also have several individuals that have our products in their back yards.

We are very customer oriented and strive for 100% customer satisfaction. We will not settle for less than the best when it comes to the quality of our products. Quality and durability are of the utmost importance to us. Contact us today and we will assist you in choosing the proper gym wall padding for your gymnasium or facility.

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