Why Use Gym Wall Pads?

Why would a school or a sports facility need to use gym wall pads? These wall pads are used in many gymnasiums for the purpose of safety. Safety is a key issue when sports are in progress. The players are focusing on winning their game. Many times they lose track of the area surrounding them. Installing the gym wall pads will help to keep players from serious and possible life-threatening injuries.

All Court Covers Pictures 177At All Court Covers, we offer quality gym wall pads that we can customize for your facility or gymnasium. Our company is located in Long Beach, CA. We are a family owned and operated business, ran by the Louer family. We select only quality material for all of our products. Our craftsmanship is a top of the line technique to make our products durable for your sporting events.

Our wall pads are designed with quality and safety in mind. Not only do they provide the safety that your facility needs, but they also are designed to enhance the looks of the facility. We want you to be proud to display all of our products in your facility or gymnasium. We will provide installation and other services if you request.

You can also opt for multiple enhancements to your wall pads such as; Two inch thick pads (6 lbs), Class 1 fire-retardant plywood backing (3/8 inch), Polyurethane padding 1-1/2 inch thickness (3.5 or 6 lbs) or polyethylene foam padding (1-1/4 inch). We can add any enhancements or specialize any of our options to fit your needs. You may also choose your colors of tan, red, blue or green. We also recommend that when you are choosing you wall pads to select the covers for the poles, beams, columns, stages and doors to ensure complete safety for your players.

Our basic wall pads are constructed from single pieces, ensuring safety, protection and durability. Our wafer-backed pads are excellent from impact protection and are easy to install over any kind of wall, even if the surface is unfinished. They are equipped with one inch lips on the top as well as bottom to keep the pads in shape even after significant wear and tear. We believe that quality materials lead to quality results. That is why we choose only the best foam and vinyl materials to make wall pads. Our pad uses an imprinted pattern that is perfect to resemble leather.

Gym Wall Pads
Gym Wall Pads

Our main priority is to deliver the top quality products that will add value and safety to your gym or facility. We never compromise on the materials, design or finishing’s of our offerings. It is reliability and quality that makes us the best in the gym wall pads. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction. So come and check us out for your gym wall pads today. We can assure you that you will not be disappointed in the service you receive.



Gym Floor Coverings


A gym floor has the capacity to serve multiple roles as long as it remains protected. Apart from sporting events and practice sessions, gym floors are also commonly used to conduct a number of other non-sporting related events such as social gatherings or award ceremonies. Gym floors provide ample space to host any kind of event that involves a large audience.

In many instances, a gym may be rented out to an external organization or party, without requiring the consent of school authorities. For example, fund raisers are often organized by trusts and companies that view gym floors as a cost-effective premises. Political rallies also commonly take place using a gym floors as their locations.

Gymnasium Floor overing
Gym Floor Cover

The multiple roles that a gym floor offers increases the need for frequent and effective maintenance. Gym floors need to be protected from the large groups of people constantly trudging across their surfaces. In case events that involve dancing also take place, gym floors are likely to incur structural damage.


Advantages of Gym Floor Covers


Gym floor coverings offer a number of benefits:


1. Gym floor covers can provide adequate protection for the gym floor wood from liquid spills.

2. A gym floor covering will also ensure that unintentional fires are not started from poorly cigarette butts or matches that are poorly disposed off.

3. Floor coverings make sure that the gym floor does not incur scratches and denting resulting from friction from gravel, sand, or footwear.

4. Floor coverings prevent dust from gathering on gym floors.

5. Coverings also ensure that gym floors are protected from mildew and bacteria collection.

Despite what you think, gym floor coverings can also provide the perfect aesthetic for a particular occasion or event. Established manufacturers will have a number of gym floor covering designs and covers for you to choose from.

Installing a Gym Floor Cover


Gym floors covers are meant to cover large spaces so it is always advisable to purchase them in small pieces rather than one single piece.  Large single pieces can be extremely heavy and difficult to maneuver from place to place. Large single-piece coverings will also force you to have increased manpower to lay it over your gym floor.

When placing the gym floor cover on a surface, it is important to ensure that each small piece is laid out so that they overlap each other.. Leaving overlaps untaped could lead to them becoming tripping hazards during the event. When the pieces are laid out together appropriately, it is recommended that you use gym tape of the highest quality to keep them in place. This is to ensure that adhesive stains and traces do not remain when the covering is eventually removed.

Gymnasium Wall Padding from ACC

Gym Wall Pads
“Z” clip Gymnasium Wall Padding

If you are looking out for methods to make your gym a lot safer and more attractive, you could reap the benefits of ‘customized wall padding’. The owners of fitness centers such as gymnasiums are already aware about the importance of having a number of mats in the vicinity to prevent any fall injuries to those visiting the gym. But there is always room for more safety measures!

There are several reasons  why you should opt for customized gym wall padding for your fitness establishment. ‘All Court Covers’ offers you high quality, stylish and long-lasting padding solutions with benefits that will enhance the overall look of your gym, soak up any additional noise, enhance safety and can also be used as a marketing tool.
Benefits of wall padding


It is true that while safety equipment like wall padding, may not be completely effective in preventing all types of injuries, it can still help provide protection against serious falls that can lead to fractured bones or even head injury. It is suggested that you use stage protection pads if your establishment operates both as a gym and an auditorium. Gym padding can be personalized for you with graphics like school logos, sponsor names etc. in different colors and sizes.

These panels are available in standard sizes. For example: 1/2” plywood along with 2” bonded foam and double coating of 14 oz vinyl. On the other hand, customized sizes are also available that fit vents, outlets, I-beams, recessed doors, and columns. The wall padding offered by our company comes with an inner lining made up of Vonar to help provide safety against fire damage.

The wall panels for a gym can be installed both indoors and outdoors with the help of different fitting setups.

Gymnasium Wall Pads
Gym Wall Pads with Cut Outs

Uses of ACC stage protection pads

Stage pads which can be used for a variety of purposes come with Velcro attachments. This makes the fixing and removal process smoother. In addition to this, bleachers can also be protected (when they are not in use). Stage protection pads are made of plywood with a 14 oz lining and are fire and UV resistant. They are manufactured from polyester material which is vinyl coated. They can be custom-made with respect to the specific ‘location and size’ requirements of the client.


Huge Storage containers, portable classroom as well as fences linked with chains can make good use of outdoor wall padding. It is also strong enough to be used as protection for goal posts and railings.

wall pad
Basketball Protection


Get wall padding today!

There is absolutely no compromise in safety or quality aspects when we offer customized wall padding safety solutions for your establishment. Functionality is our topmost priority. You can contact the experts at ACC to get more information on safety equipment-wall pads, panels etc. for your gym and outdoor area.


Choosing Quality in Gym Wall Padding

When purchasing gym wall padding, one of the most important things to consider is the quality. The best way to find quality products is to find a quality company that makes them. Our company that makes such quality sports facility equipment that they are known as the best in the wall pads industry

Gym Wall Pad

Our main priority is to deliver quality products that are top of the line and add value and safety to your gym. That is why we will never compromise on the materials, design or finishing of our offerings. Our wall pads are made from top quality vinyl and foam. They provide complete safety and security for players by protecting them so that there are fewer accidents and injuries.

The wall pads enhance the visual impact of the gymnasium or facility. We use leather with a pattern for style that adds a professional gym appearance. When we made this product we use stringent quality control measures to make sure that the pads are made with a durable and lasting technique. We can also customize them to various sizes, shapes and colors to suit the needs of your gymnasium or facility.

Our wall pads are constructed from single pieces. We have designed the pads to ensure safety, protection and durability. Our pads are excellent from impact protection. They are easy to install over any kind of wall, even if the surface is unfinished. Our gym wall padding is equipped with one inch lips on the top and bottom, to keep the pads in shape even after significant wear and tear. We believe that quality material leads to quality results. We have chosen only the top quality foam and vinyl materials to make wall pads. We use an imprinted pattern that resembles leather to enhance our design and offer a variety of different color options to create the perfect interior for your gym.

Our company is called All Court Covers and is located in Long Beach, California. We have been in business for 27 plus years in the athletic, sport product industry. Our company is a family owned business. We started manufacturing industrial fabrics. In the late 1980’s, we developed a diverse line of sports related products for baseball, football, tennis, golf, soccer and of course our gymnasium products.

In addition to the products that we make for ourselves, we provide manufacturing capabilities that are available to other companies. We are there to assist new business, small businesses and large companies by adding to or supplementing their product capabilities.

You will see many of our products in a variety of places such as professional and college stadiums. We also have products in various high school facilities, parks and recreational areas. We also have several individuals that have our products in their back yards.

We are very customer oriented and strive for 100% customer satisfaction. We will not settle for less than the best when it comes to the quality of our products. Quality and durability are of the utmost importance to us. Contact us today and we will assist you in choosing the proper gym wall padding for your gymnasium or facility.


Safety Is Important

All Court Covers is a leader of quality in the gymnasium wall pads industry. We have been in business for over 27 years and are owned and operated by the Louer Family. We are located in Long Beach, California. Our company started out manufacturing industrial fabrics. In the late 1980s, we developed a diverse line of sports related products for tennis, baseball, golf, soccer, football and gymnasium products..

Gymnasium Wall Pads

In addition to our products, we provide manufacturing capabilities that are available to other companies. As a contract manufacturer, we assist large companies, small businesses and new businesses, by adding to or supplementing their production capabilities.

You can see our products in many different locations from professional and college stadiums to local parks and recreational areas. Our products are also widely used in many high school facilities.

We can customize any of our products to fit the size of your facility. If you have an odd sized gymnasium or odd shaped walls, which is okay. We can customize our gymnasium wall pads to fit. Our wall pads are made to last. As far as quality, no one can beat us. We will only use quality materials to manufacture the pads. We also use a strict code when manufacturing our items because quality is very important to us.

We have provided our wall pads to gymnasiums and facility all across the country. We have customized them to meet each specific requirement. We also have many professional logos and advertisements that we have printed on them at the request of the facility. Our custom logos are of high quality and are printed as such. They are designed not to fade in the sunlight or tear from the wind. They are designed to stand out with sharpness. The advertising or logo will last a long time.

Our quality wall pads are made with top quality vinyl and foam. They are completely safe and secure, allowing fewer accidents and injuries. They have an enhanced visual impact with their unique leather-like pattern for style. They enhance the professional gym appearance and are made with stringent quality control measures, to ensure top notch quality. We can customize and make them any color, size or shape that you need for your facility or gymnasium.

You can also enhance your wall pads by adding any of the following options that we offer. You have the option of two inch thick pads or class-1 fire-retardant plywood backing that measures 3/8 inch. You could also add polyurethane padding that is 1-1/2 inch thick or polyethylene foam padding that is 1-1/4 inches thick.


Our wall pads are single pieces, ensuring safety, protection and durability. Our wafer-backed pads are excellent for impact protection. They are easy to install over any kind of wall. We can even install them if the surface is unfinished. Our pads have lips on the top and bottom. These lips will help to keep the pads in shape even after significant wear and tear. We have strived to be number 1 in the field because our quality is so important to us. Call us today and we will give you a free quote on your new quality, gymnasium wall pads.



How to Purchase a Gym Divider Curtain

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The use of divider curtains has been increasing of late as they serve several different purposes. They can be used to design spaces or divide rooms in to small areas, while being used to divide specified portions and large halls in bigger spaces. The use of divider curtains will provide an element of tidiness to any workplace in addition to furnishing a more aesthetic environment. Following are some important tips that can help you choose the right kind of divider curtain.

A few tips to follow

The most important point to consider is the reason why you need the curtain. By identifying a specific purpose, you will know whether you require one to make a style statement, or to partition a space, or both. Fabrics become a crucial element while choosing curtains. Look for different styles and make sure that you choose one that will effectively meet your requirements. The budget is also a crucial factor to consider, so decide how much money you are willing to spend on the curtains. However, the budget can only be determined once you have considered other factors such as purpose, style, and fabric.

Color and specifications are also important when selecting a curtain. The right breadth and length must be selected after measuring your gym’s interiors. The color will depend upon the color of your walls, the interior décor, and the theme of the gym. Other factors that must also be considered before purchasing a gym divider curtain include things like style, texture, and fabric density. Select a fabric that is not too difficult to wash, ensuring that the curtain remains clean as often as possible.

Fine additions

Gym divider curtains are fine additions to making your gymnasium more efficient, safe, and complete. Divider curtains are usually used in recreational centers and gymnasiums within high schools. Make sure that you select a piece that is designed with string synthetic materials which can resist water, fire, mildew, and heat. Prior to making a purchase, the credibility and authenticity of the seller must be verified. Also, compare the rates and prices offered by various sellers in the market as it will help you make an informed buying decision.

Tarp manufacturers or wholesale tarp distributors will be able to offer you divider curtains at attractive prices. Since manufacturers directly manufacture tarps, the prices that they offer on wholesale purchases can be extraordinarily reasonable. The Lnternet has grown from strength to strength over the years. As a result, you can now find manufacturers and distributors with relative ease online. An online catalog can make it very convenient for you to choose the right color for your gym. Once you have placed an order online, you can expect the package to arrive at your doorstep within a few days.